Clinton Off Hook With FBI, But Look What Her Poll Numbers Just Did

While yesterday’s recommendation by FBI Director James Comey that former Secretary State Hillary Clinton not be charged in her email server scandal doesn’t necessarily mean that the Department of Justice won’t charge her for her “extreme carelessness” with classified information, let’s face it — Joey Buttafuoco has a better chance of being the next governor of Utah than Clinton does of ever facing a jury.

But just because she was off the hook with the FBI and the Department of Justice doesn’t mean she was off the hook with the American people. In fact, the FBI’s intensifying investigation of Hillary has been one of the factors in a massive poll drop for the presumptive Democrat nominee.

According to USA Today, Trump has closed the gap between him and Clinton to 45.6 percent to 40.4 percent, a difference of just a little over five points. Two months ago, Clinton lead in the same poll by a margin of 50 percent to 39, which means that Trump has cut the margin by almost half.

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