As Rick Wells reported:

There were just too many cameras out of their control for their little plan to work. The question is not only one of Clinton cheating, we all expected that, but of the greater conspiracy which included those responsible for holding the debate and construction of the podiums.

One podium seems to have been outfitted with a special light that the other didn’t have and it appears that the light was functioning as a teleprompter to give Mrs. Clinton answers that she couldn’t keep in her addled old brain. It’s really hard to memorize things or have timely recall when you’re taking heavy medications for a mystery illness.

The natural solution for a Clinton and the Democrats is to cheat. To do that by putting a teleprompter into the stage would have required the services of some technicians, carpenters, and its procurement as well as the blessing and complicity of the leftists at the Commission on Presidential Debates.

It would also have required the questions in advance so the information could be prepared for insertion and feeding to the cheater on stage. For that to happen Lester and his employers would have had to have provided the questions or possibly merely have received the questions selected by the Clinton campaign.

Something’s definitely up. You can see, as the video vividly demonstrates, a light in the Clinton podium that does not exist in the Trump podium. It’s also undeniable that it is turned off as the event comes to a close, though not in a timely enough manner so as to prevent discovery.

There is really no other explanation, as described in the video, for the light showing up in the manner it does on only one podium.

So let’s hear it, Clinton camp and NBC, tell us how we’re a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists and how you weren’t  in cahoots with the Commission to turn the debates to their girl Hillary. We’re waiting.

H/T: Rick Wells US

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