Clinton Vows To Create Government Agency To Help Immigrants Thrive

Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton promises “path to full & equal citizenship” within first 100 days.

Clinton wrote an op/ed for the Arizona Republic about how she will turn Arizona to a “blue state.”  The entire article is focused on immigration reforms Clinton pledges to implement that would benefit illegal aliens. 

Clinton starts off her article about the stories of children born in the US to illegal aliens, and how Trump’s policies would “rip families apart.”    She says the Supreme Court’s recent decision was heartbreaking and unacceptable, and our system “fails to provide certainty to immigrant families.”

Trump’s talk about ending birthright citizenship is “tearing American children away from the country they know and love,” says Clinton.

Making it clear she wants a country without borders, Clinton wrote, “Instead of building walls, we ought to be breaking down barriers.”

“That’s why, as president, I’ll fight for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to full and equal citizenship, starting in my first 100 days in office.  We should do everything we can to keep families together, better integrate immigrants into their communities, and help those eligible for naturalization take the last step to citizenship.”

Clinton says she will end large-scale raids for illegal immigrants, end family detention and shut down private detention facilities.

She wants to create a special government agency to make sure that immigrants thrive in American society… which American citizen taxpayers (many who are not thriving) will pay for.

“Second, we need to increase our focus on integration and make sure that immigrants are able to thrive in American society. Let’s provide more federal resources to help immigrants learn the English language skills they need to be successful. And because this issue cuts across all levels of government – local, state and federal – I’ll create the first-ever Office of Immigrant Affairs at the White House to help coordinate these policies across the nation.”

Clinton says bringing more workers into the formal economy will boost everyone’s wages… and citizenship fees will be waived, because “no one should miss out on the chance to be a citizen.”

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