Clinton: We Need To Put Adults Into ‘Fun Camps’ For Re-Education

In order to dealwith what Hillary Clinton calls this nation’s “fun deficit,” the former Secretary of State stated in a recent speech that Americans need to be checked into ‘fun camps’ for re-education.

“As I have gotten older, I have decided we really need camps for adults. And we need adults camps that you all run. Really. None of the serious stuff. None of the life-challenging stuff… more fun. I think we have a huge fun deficit in America. And we need to figure out how to fill that fun deficit, certainly for our kids but also for the rest of us. We need some [garbled] from time to time, maybe some enrichment, certainly some time outdoors. Maybe actually spending time with people that we didn’t know before,” Hillary stated.

One would expect that any government run camp she would stick people in would be fun for the ‘counselors’, not those so incarcerated.

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