Clinton’s Hometown Newspaper Just Dropped a BOMB on Hillary – She’s Furious!

One thing voters may not know about Hillary Clinton is: She was corrupt even as the First Lady of Arkansas

In fact, her track record of corruption is a trend that started even before Bill Clinton took office in Arkansas as Governor.

But the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette hasn’t forgotten about Hillary’s past, and they just published a stunning article shredding her candidacy.

American voters are learning more about Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play schemes as Secretary of State, and her illegal fundraising from foreign governments and business interests who did business with the Obama administration.

As the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette points out, corruption is nothing new for Hillary:

Those of us who watched her rise here in Arkansas will know she’s been getting away with ethical shortcuts for a long, long time and the lower she sinks, the higher she rises in the esteem of her fans–or just of those who have benefited from her largesse. “Ultimately,” Mr. Chait concludes, “there’s no way around this problem without closing down the Clinton Foundation altogether.” What, and lose all that money flowing into the foundation from all over the world? Fat chance.

And they noted how hilarious it is that Hillary Clinton is suggesting the Clinton Foundation may stop accepting foreign donations… if she becomes President:

The Clinton presidential campaign now has announced some new, mainly cosmetic reforms to avoid the obvious impression that it would be prudent for both American and foreign donors to invest in the next president of the United States. And that president, it appears more and more likely, will be Hillary Clinton as her Republican opponent continues to self-destruct. How handy to have all those chits in their hands when it comes time to collect.

And, how Hillary Clinton is so corrupt, it’s on a level never seen before in American politics:

Strange, or maybe not so strange, how the Clinton Foundation and American foreign policy kept intersecting when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. Or as a Ukrainian American named Melanne Verveer, who was working for the State Department at the time, emailed Secretary Clinton: “I had breakfast with Pinchuk. He will see you at the Brookings lunch.” It’s all coming out in the wash, or rather in a lawsuit filed by Citizens United to get a peek at her emails.

Among those emails was one from American ambassador John F. Tefft about a visit to Ukraine by Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, “at the invitation of oligarch, Victor Pinchuk.” To which Secretary Clinton replied: “As you know, hearing nice things about your children is as good as it gets.” But for fanciers of Clinton scandals, which could fill volumes by now, it’s peeking at Hillary Clinton’s emails that’s as good as it gets.

Clearly, Hillary Clinton has countless scandals in her closet. But when her hometown newspaper’s editorial board is calling her out, it’s a clear sign that this is the beginning of the end of Hillary Clinton.

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