Clueless Congressman Called Hillary “Honest,” The Crowd Laughed Him Out Out Of The Room

When you watch the news, it’s not unreasonable to think that every Democrat alive is a Hillary Clinton fan. The amount of smoke they’re blowing up the public’s collective buttcheeks is both voluminous and never ending.

One thing is clear: Don’t believe everything you hear.

At a Monday night congressional debate, Florida candidates Charlie Crist and David Jolly met before a crowd of hundreds to discuss and argue about a number of topics. Just as any good Democratic debate would go in an election year, the topic of Hillary Clinton came up for obvious reasons. We’re not sure about Jolly’s response as we do not have the full video from the debate, but Crist, a Republican turned Democrat, had an answer about Clinton that had the audience laughing and booing him. What did he say?

“She’s honest.”

These are the instances you never see on TV. The Democrats don’t trust her either so what makes us think that she’ll be trust as an American and world leader? Nothing. The answer to that should be nothing. If you can say with a straight face that Hillary Clinton is honest, all you’re doing is proving that you are deep in her pockets and have no idea what you’re talking about politically.

I have a feeling Crist is going to lose this one. I also have a feeling Hillary will lose in November too. Let’s make sure that happens, shall we?


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