CNN Anchor Couldn’t Believe Hillary’s BlackBerry’s Were Destroyed With Hammers

Thanks to recently released FBI documents, we have a better idea of the shady operations of Hillary Clinton and her staffers.

She used eight different mobile devices during her tenure as Secretary of State, and we can only assume that she used these devices to access emails on her home brew server. Of course, the FBI wanted to look at these devices but couldn’t, because they went missing. And by “went missing,” I mean they were destroyed. Clinton aide Justin Cooper actually admitted that he destroyed at least two of Hillary’s BlackBerry devices in the past by “breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.”

Neat, huh?

CNN couldn’t believe it. In fact, a CNN anchor asked someone to fact check that claim on air and was shocked to hear that it’s true. It’s not some right-wing conspiracy theory. Her phones were destroyed with hammers.

Accepting fact is hard. Poor CNN.

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