CNN Host Posts Support For ‘Sharia Law’ – INSTANTLY Regrets It When America ERUPTS

There is a line from the Oscar-winning movie Forrest Gump that sums up the Progressive toady quite nicely: “Stupid is as stupid does.” It seems that whenever Progressives “feel emotional” about an issue they check their brains in Pandora’s Box and commence to spew forth the most ridiculous of things.

Such is the case with Sally Kohn, a proud lesbian, Progressive and blathering head over at CNN. Kohn, ever the self-righteous, uninformed but empowered Progressive, has decided it isn’t politically correct to take issue with Sharia Law. “Hey @realDonaldTrump,” Kohn tweeted, “many *progressive Muslims* – the ones we should support in ideological fight against extremism – believe in Sharia!!” And then people told her how they felt about her comments…

A more ignorant and uneducated statement may never have been uttered. It is glaringly obvious that Kohn has absolutely and completely no freaking idea what Sharia Law is!

This type of ignorance is prevalent throughout the Progressive movement and on the airwaves of so-called news channels that pander to the uneducated – but oh-so enlightened – Left in pursuit of ratings and advertising dollars.

Many on Twitter lambasted Kohn for the inanity of her statement, and rightly so. Sharia Law is a brutal dogma of unmanipulable mandate. To violate Sharia in a community that lives under Sharia is to subject one-self to the harshest of punishments.

Almost from the get-go, Kohn displays her magnificent ignorance. Kohn, because she is a lesbian, would be subjected to a death sentence simply for her sexuality under Sharia Law. In Iran and many other places across the Middle East, Sharia hardliners (and there is no other kind, Sally) gather up homosexuals to toss them off buildings to their deaths.

Kohn declares, in one of the most naïve statements about Islam ever to be muttered, that there are “Progressive Muslims.” This diametrically opposed claim is more aligned with the mindset of those with split personalities and schizophrenia.

Progressive dogma – although the leadership of both know it to be a canard – requires that one be tolerant of others, inclusive, welcoming of other cultures and belief systems and non-violent. This is about as far from an accurate description of Sharia Law as one can get. Of course, it isn’t true of Progressivism either, but that’s a column for another time.

Under Sharia Law, all other religions are considered inferior; there is no religious freedom. In fact, under Sharia and according to the Quran, a non-believer has three options: 1) convert to Islam; 2) exist as a subservient to Muslims and pay a jizya (religious tax); or 3) be executed. That doesn’t sound very “inclusive.”

Under Sharia, adulterers are – with no exceptions – sentenced to death by stoning. Additionally, as stated before, homosexuals are executed. Rape victims must produce four males to attest to the rape otherwise the accuser is considered an adulterer and…wait for it…executed. That doesn’t sound very “tolerant.”

And when cartoons are created of Allah – which is forbidden in Sharia Law as mandated in the Quran – entire Muslim populations take to the streets like a Black Lives Matter crew that has just heard a firecracker going off (read: knee-jerk reaction just looking for a reason). That doesn’t sound very “non-violent.”

The bottom line here is that Kohn did what all Progressives do. She mistook what she thought to be the truth – what she would like for the truth to be – and decided it was the truth. This is the danger of thinking you’re smart when, in fact, you are a brainless follower who hasn’t done a micro-second of research into what you think you know.

Kohn, simply put, has proved herself to be an uninformed useless idiot.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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