CNN’s Post-Debate Rigged Poll Busted…Here Are The Real Results

To anyone paying attention last night it was clear that Hillary did not win the debate against Trump. Sure, Trump was brash and he’s not your normal politician, but the fact of the matter is he demolished her on her record in front of the entire country.

Nevertheless, CNN did their best to make it look like Trump lost the debate by publishing rigged polling data.

From Infowars:

A CNN/ORC poll released shortly after last night’s debate found that Hillary Clinton scored a clear victory over her rival Donald Trump. One problem – the survey sample included 41% Democrats compared to just 26% Republicans.

Asked, “Who do you think did the best job in the debate – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?”, 62% of respondents said Hillary while 27% said Trump.

This immediately gave the impression that Hillary trounced Trump in the debate, and set the standard for the media narrative that it was a bad night for the Republican candidate.

However, 33% of the people surveyed in the poll identified as Independents, 41% identified as Democrats, while just 26% identified as Republicans.

This represents a disparity of 15% between Democrats and Republicans – meaning the poll was heavily weighted in favor of Democrats before the question about who won the debate was even asked.

Almost three quarters of the respondents were not Republicans and 57% more Democrats were asked than Republicans. If the sampling was flipped, with 41% of respondents being Republican and just 26% identifying as Democrats, the outcome would almost certainly have been in Trump’s favor.


Now, Here are the REAL polling results from countless outlets across the country…

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