Coach Bobby Knight Power Slams Establishment And Defends Trump… “I Don’t Give a Damn”

Famed Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight said recently that he felt strongly about voting for the best person to run the country — and that person was GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Knight told Vanity Fair that he was tired of the Republicans and the Democrats. “It’s time that we started to elect the best people, not the best politicians,” he said.

“Rather than have people who are voting for what the Democrats want or voting for what the Republicans want, let’s vote for the best person for America. Period. I don’t give a damn what his affiliations are,” the coach added.

Knight, who endorsed Trump in May, also said that he likes Trump because he “thinks like a coach” and has “proven over the years that he can handle adversity and turn that into productivity.”

When asked for what he looked for in a leader, Knight said it boiled down to three things: Intelligence, willingness to work and the ability to put things in the very best condition possible. He added that he thought Trump has proven he has all of these by the way he runs his businesses.

Knight also took a shot at the first lady in the interview. He said that he believed Trump had a “great feeling” which is an important characteristic for anyone leading the country.

“I will never forget as long as I live when Michelle Obama said (that seeing people rallying around her husband’s 2008 candidacy) was the first time she had ever been happy to be an American. Now, Donald Trump’s thoughts are 5,000 degrees opposite of a comment like that,” he said.

Knight may not be an expert in geometry or radian degrees, but many people share his frustration with the current administration and the Washington elite in general. From that perspective it’s easy to see why Trump is so appealing.

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