Colin Kaepernick and His Faux Protest Has Cost the 49ers $$Millions

First, let’s get this straight, what Colin Kaepernick has been doing is not a protest! What he is doing on his employers clock is a lazy 3 minute antic!

It is NOT a protest!

But it has severely backfired on him! The number of fans watching his team play have dropped as much as 25%!

RightWingNews reports:

Perhaps the bigger indicator of the public’s outrage is the second Monday night game. Last year, the Vikings played the 49ers and this year, it was the Rams versus the 49ers- the team on which Colin Kaepernick plays.

This year saw a whopping 25% drop!

We consumers have the power to make our voices heard and I thoroughly encourage ALL Americans to refrain from viewing NFL broadcasts, buying NFL merchandise or supporting the NFL in ANY way until such a time that the NFL makes it abundantly clear that they have seen the error in not nipping this anti-American sentiment in the bud and respond accordingly to these protests now.

Kaepernick’ says he has a serious problem with a “flag for a country that oppresses black people”? Well NFL fans have a serious problem with stupidity and laziness!

The NFL and the 49ers are his bosses and he has no right to protest while he is on the clock! He should be fired! He is cutting into the profit margin with his lazy antics!

I am all for the right and freedom to protest! I would stand by Kaepernick to the death to fight for his right to protest! It is a foundational principle in this country.

But so is respect! So is working and not messing around when you are on someone else’s clock!

So go protest all you want Colin Kaepernick! A REAL protest! One that takes time and effort! One that means standing on your feet for hours holding a sign day after day!

You won’t do that! You are lazy! You can’t even play football well! Kaepernick’s lazy little act is doing nothing but hurting the very thing that has provided you with a lifestyle you would have NEVER had in ANY OTHER COUNTRY!

Down 25% and the season has barely started…keep it up Kaepernick! You walk into an elevator, push the button and wait for candy to come out! You are a moron!

H/T: JoeForAmerica

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