College Protests Embarrass Alumni, Who Stop Donating Money To Schools. Liberals Can’t Figure Out Why

Only the New York Times would be confused by alumni wanting to distance themselves from the glorified daycare centers that today’s colleges and universities have become.

According to this article, several universities have reported lower-than-normal donations coming in from alumni, particularly schools where students have made headlines for protesting over stupid crap like safe spaces and microaggressions and white privilege. One alum from Amherst College went so far as to write the college out of his will because of such idiocy –

Scott MacConnell cherishes the memory of his years at Amherst College, where he discovered his future métier as a theatrical designer. But protests on campus over cultural and racial sensitivities last year soured his feelings.

Now Mr. MacConnell, who graduated in 1960, is expressing his discontent through his wallet. In June, he cut the college out of his will.

“As an alumnus of the college, I feel that I have been lied to, patronized and basically dismissed as an old, white bigot who is insensitive to the needs and feelings of the current college community,” Mr. MacConnell, 77, wrote in a letter to the college’s alumni fund in December, when he first warned that he was reducing his support to the college to a token $5.

Another man who is an alum of Yale took issue with the infamous video confrontation of a student screaming that professors tolerance of bigoted Halloween costumes caused her to feel unsafe at the school –

Scott C. Johnston, who graduated from Yale in 1982, said he was on campus last fall when activists tried to shut down a free speech conference, “because apparently they missed irony class that day.” He recalled the Yale student who was videotaped screaming at a professor, Nicholas Christakis, that he had failed “to create a place of comfort and home” for students in his capacity as the head of a residential college.

“I don’t think anything has damaged Yale’s brand quite like that,” said Mr. Johnston, a founder of an internet start-up and a former hedge fund manager. “This is not your daddy’s liberalism.”
“The worst part,” he continued, “is that campus administrators are wilting before the activists like flowers.”

It’s one thing to report on alumni donors taking issue with the current crop of students and their crybaby antics. That’s a legitimate news story and a cautionary tale to administrators who cave to these whiny protesters. But then the NYT pulls this little stunt –

A backlash from alumni is an unexpected aftershock of the campus disruptions of the last academic year.

“Unexpected”? Really? On what planet? You think you can show hoards of malcontented and overprivileged Ivy League kids crying about Halloween costumes and people who once attended those schools aren’t going to be embarrassed by the display? You don’t think that the alumni cash is going to slow down or that they aren’t going to complain about it? Wow. Talk about stupid.

So, the next time the humanities department whines that there’s not enough money for them, maybe they ought to look at the crop of social justice protesting morons they’re cultivating. Maybe they could try to put it all together.

I won’t hold my breath.

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