Colorado County GOP Chair: Errors So Bad, Might Need Re-Vote

Errors led to the “perception of fraud”, chairwoman very concerned with “electoral integrity.”

Brietbart has released information from an email they obtained, from Boulder County GOP chairwoman Peg Cage, which was mailed to other top Republican officials, over allegations of election fraud in the Colorado delegate caucus.    

Cage admits there were so many errors and voting problems at the caucus that the whole process may just have to be re-done.   She said whether it was simple errors or intention, the public has now lost their trust in the election process.    Cage is a Cruz supporter, but she said the clerical errors, delegate names removed from ballots, and missing ballots all was inexcusable.

The Cruz campaign had recruited people who were loyal Cruz fans to run for a delegate position.   As a result, Cruz came away having managed to fill all 34 delegate positions with people who would be loyal to him, in the event Cleveland turns into a contested convention.   Cruz won Colorado – without anyone from the general public even voting.   The Trump supporters feel that the Cruz supporters stole the election, and the Cruz supporters were very concerned that they might not get seated in Cleveland.

Cage challenged GOP officials to show responsibility and called for a complete airing of the problems, as well as making sure clerical staff are trained properly.   “These were simply clerical errors (I hope – see, there’s room for doubt), but they brought division among our ranks and could have been prevented if the staff had been more professional and double-checked their work.”

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