Colorado GOP Chairman Turns off Phone

The Colorado GOP Chairman better be tucking tail and running for the hills. Americans are coming!

It has been two days since Senator Ted Cruz of Texas swept Colorado’s delegates, and Steve House, the chairman of the state’s Republican Party, is feeling the wrath of Donald J. Trump’s supporters.

In fact, his cellphone will not stop ringing.

Mr. House has been hearing from angry voters from across the state and country who say they think the will of the people was ignored because Colorado’s system of caucuses, a multistep process that ended on Saturday, left the selection of the state’s presidential nominating delegates to party activists.

Mr. Trump, who was shut out in Colorado, has complained that the system was rigged, and since Sunday night Mr. House has received more than 2,000 calls from people complaining that the process was a sham. His telephone number was mysteriously disseminated across the Internet.

“It was done exactly according to the rules,” Mr. House said, denying claims of underhanded or manipulative tactics.

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