Colorado Public School Requires Sharia Law For “Immersion”, Middle School Girls Forced To…

A school district in Colorado took students on a field trip to an Islamic mosque in order to teach “tolerance to peaceful religions.”

On the trip, all of the girls were forced to submit to Sharia-compliant rules, meaning they had to cover their heads and ankles on a field trip to a Muslim mosque.

Douglas County School District confirmed that such Islamic law will be enforced on the trip. Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS) Principal Mike Loitz indicated that the students need to learn about Islam and to appreciate other religions.

I just want to know if they will be going on a field trip to a Catholic church or any other churches? If not, why did these schools officials specifically take them to a Mosque?

I guess they are blithely unaware that Islam treats women like second class citizens in every aspect of life. Is that the message our daughters and granddaughters should be learning?

How would you feel if your children’s school planned to take them on a field trip to an Islam mosque?

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