Columbus Mayor Restricts Size of Trump Rally after Stumping for Clinton

This week, Donald Trump held a rally in Columbus, Ohio, and only 1,000 people were there to see the GOP nominee speak. The relatively small crowd had nothing to do with a lack of demand, though. Instead, the crowd was limited by the city’s mayor.

After last week’s DNC email leak — which proved that the Democrat’s primary was being overseen by pro-Hillary surrogates — many started to question the integrity of the general election, and Donald Trump was among those who seemed to suggest that the system was rigged. After discovering that the primary election’s debates would be scheduled against popular sporting events, Trump claimed that The Commission on Presidential Debates was among those rigging the system for Clinton.

With this latest development in Columbus, Donald Trump now has one more reason to suggest that the system is unfair.

This week, Donald Trump delivered a speech to a less-than-capacity crowd in Columbus, OH, and many are blaming Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther. Just last week, he was out promoting Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

 “We are so honored to have such a great outpouring of support for Secretary Clinton in the most important city in the most important state in America. I need a partner in the White House that can deliver.”

Today, Ginther seemingly delivered for Clinton.

The city of Columbus restricted the capacity of Donald Trump’s crowd, leaving a lot of people unable to get inside.

“Hey, maybe they’re a Hillary person,” Trump speculated about city leaders — quite accurately — according to Politico. “Could that be possible? Probably. I don’t think there are too many of them.”

The Columbus Convention Center only allowed 1,000 people inside, despite the cavernous space.

The general election itself may not be rigged, but events like these show how a rigged political system that surrounds the election could very well tip the scales in favor of the political elite.

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