CONFIRMED – Election Fraud Found in THIS Key State, Media Hiding It

Donald Trump continues to insist that the election for U.S. president could very well be stolen from him. Liberals are not taking him seriously, but we know Hillary Clinton’s track record, so we definitely are. Plus, more and more revelations are already coming out showing the evidence for voter fraud definitely exists.

83-year-old Marina Agosto is a lifelong Republican, and she recently noticed something unusual in her mail. The Florida resident received a new voter ID card that told her she was now a registered Democrat, per

“Something’s going on; something’s going on,” Agosto said, and she immediately headed with her daughter Minerva to the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections office to get to the bottom of it. The grandmother of 12 was outraged someone was using her name in an attempt to commit voter fraud.

Unfortunately, Ms. Agosto’s outrage did not just end there. She was further incensed when the supervisor of elections office did not take her seriously. “They insisted that she had done it and that you must have forgotten,” Minerva said. “And she was very irate.”

Manager Craig Latimer told a local news outlet he believed the woman probably forgot she filled out a new form. In the process, however, the mother and daughter discovered a group called Mi Familia Vota submitted a new voter registration form in Agosto’s name.

The form comes complete with a signature, and Agosto took serious issue with the form. “I sign different, completely different,” Agosto said.

Agosto provided the fraudulent registration form to the news outlet, and she also noted how the birth year listed on the form was different as well. Both the family and the news outlet asked the supervisor of elections if law enforcement had been alerted to the discrepancy.

“All I have is this form. I don’t have anything that tells me this is illegal,” an official said. “There’s identity theft to an extent,” Minerva retorted back. “You know, the forged signature and the voter registration. I mean there’s three things going on here.”

The Mi Familia Vota organization has submitted 5,700 voter registration applications in Hillsborough County alone, and after the group was confronted about the situation, representatives issued a statement apologizing to the Agosto family. Director Estaban Garces wrote an email to Minerva:

“We are very sorry for the confusion caused by the voter registration application that was incorrectly submitted in your mother’s name,” he wrote. “Mi Familia Voter Education Fund is a nonpartisan organization that is working to enhance civic engagement within the Latino community in Florida and elsewhere, and we take very seriously our responsibility to submit voter registration information that is completely accurate in all respects.”

Although the person who filled out the form in Agosto’s name no longer works for this organization, one has to wonder if this is simply an aberration or a symptom of a larger problem. Florida is a state that can turn on a dime, and it could literally decide the next election. Could we have another 2000 election on our hands? It’s a possibility.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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