CONFIRMED: Hillary Clinton Lied to the FBI About THIS, ARREST HER NOW!

Watergate would have not reached the epic proportions it did without the accompanying “smoking gun” where it was proven that Nixon ordered the break-in. In that same vein, Hillary Clinton is a liar many times over, and now we can actually prove it.

Hillary Clinton told federal agents that she could not recall “any briefing or training by State related to the retention of federal records of handling of classified information” but she apparently is forgetting the Classified Information Non-Disclosure Agreement she signed January 2009 as she began her tenure as Secretary of State, per

The second paragraph of that NDA signed on January 22, 2009 specifically states the following: “I hereby acknowledge that I have received a security indoctrination concerning the nature and protection of classified information.”

So, either she signed a false document or she is lying to the FBI, either way, we have her dead to rights.

Hillary continues to spew excuses we would not accept from an 8-year old child, but now there is actual proof she is deceiving the people of this country!

Perched starkly in this signed document would be the fact that even if a message is not always so marked, it is still regulated and in force because of this agreement.

In other words, the excuse Clinton used about messages not being mark classified at the time they were sent? It goes out of the window simply because of this agreement she signed.

As one of the worst politicians of our time, Clinton also has the ability of talking out of both sides of her mouth down to an art. She regularly noted the importance of the proper handling of classified material during her tenure as Secretary of State, but then was “extremely careless” with her decision to keep the private server.

The woman isn’t qualified, but of course that isn’t the worst of it.

She just can’t be trusted.

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