CONFIRMED – New Evidence PROVES Hillary Lied to FBI About THIS, TIME FOR PRISON!

It has come to the point where everything that comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth is tantamount to a lie. At every turn – and on every subject – she is so embroiled in dereliction of duty and corruption that she must employ deflection or deception lest she incriminate herself or trigger an implosion of her campaign.

Another recently revealed email proves this point again, trapping her in a lie that for anyone else would have been career-ending. As FNC’s Ed Henry reports that in one email examined by the FBI, “virtually every paragraph had what are known as ‘portion markings’; they are used to signify that it’s classified information.” Even the most incurious of minds would have inquired about these often used markings.

It’s the little – or less critical – things like this that expose Clinton’s blatant, bold-faced lies. When the story—told in her own words—is laid out end-to-end, the dishonesty is apparent to even the most ardent defender.

As the mainstream media ignored the subject of her email scandal and intentional mishandling of classified information in a hastily arranged press conference on an airport tarmac, news of the incriminating email broke.

Henry, reporting on the breaking news, explained what these “portion markings” were and what they do. The explanation points to the fact that there was absolutely and conceivably no way Clinton couldn’t have understood the markings.

Portion markings are coded markings that precede classified information in a classified document denoting that the following information is classified. These markings are coded to relate the level of classification the information has.

If a paragraph has information deemed “classified,” the paragraph would have a “(C)” marking before the first word. If the information was “top secret,” the marking would be “(TS).” “Special Access Programs,” the country’s most sensitive secret information, would be marked “(SAP).”

These markings are routinely and consistently used without fail in all correspondence – electronic or physical – throughout government. They are used in documents afforded to the legislative branch and throughout the executive branch of our federal government.

Clinton had told the FBI in her sworn deposition that she did not understand the portion markings. She said she was under the impression they “alphabetized” the paragraphs for informational purposes. The fact of “(A)” and “(B)” never appearing would have had to never cross her mind for this to be considered.

Clinton morphed her answer on the question when responding to a military veteran at the Commander-in-Chief Forum, who had served as an intelligence operative during his time in the military, by saying there were no “headers” included in any of the emails she received. The fact is the headers would have had to have been removed by her staff for this to be true. Even then, it wouldn’t have eliminated the portion marking designations.

Mrs. Clinton is desperately hoping the public tires of the questions about her criminal handling of classified information in her emails because every time information comes to the surface, it proves – and then re-proves – her guilt.

She is worried Election Day won’t come soon enough for the voting public to break on this subject. She should be worried.

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H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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