Congress DEFIES Obama With MASSIVE Move For “Blue Lives Matter”…Liberals Are Furious!

Blue Lives Matter is a movement that is sweeping the nation and Congress members are now on board with legislation that will help protect those who protect us every single day. Of course, liberals are calling the move a ‘special privilege’ for police officers, but the fact of the matter is cops are losing their lives every single day at the hands of activists…enough is enough.

Obama is already pushing back, but leaders across our country refuse to sit back and do nothing to protect our men and women in blue.

Here is what has been reported…

From Breitbart:

Congressional legislation titled “Blue Lives Matter,” which would make cop killing a “hate crime,” will move to a floor vote in September, despite having no Democrat support.

With year-on-year gunfire deaths of police up 94 percent 16 Republican sponsors will bring the Blue Lives Matter Act, to debate and a floor vote when the U.S. House and Senate return from their summer recess.

There have been 66 police officers and 24 police K9s who have died in the line of duty in 2016, according to the “Officer Down Memorial” web site. That is actually 3 percent better than total deaths by this time last year.[…]

The “Blue Lives Matter” movement is a reaction to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which arose in the wake of allegations of police udeliberately sing lethal force against black men.

President Obama, Vice President Biden and Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with six leaders of ‘The Fraternal Order of Police Executives’ on July 11, following the assassination of five police officers in Dallas by a man allegedly inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement the week before.

The President compared the Dallas deaths to “horrible shootings not too long ago in Charleston at the church where Dylann Roof killed a number of black people.”

Obama claimed that there was no need for Blue Lives Matter legislation, because the Dallas shooter, were he still alive, “most certainly would” be prosecuted by the federal government for a hate crime and subject to harsher penalties.

When pressed by the Fraternal Order members regarding the Blue Lives Matter legislation, Obama was noncommittal.

Of course, Obama is noncommittal on the issue. After all, he believes police officers are inherently racist and he is a big supporter of Black Lives Matter. However, it won’t matter what he thinks if Trump takes office. Trump has already vowed the death penalty for cop killers, so this type of push will get immediate support from a Trump administration.

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