Congresswoman Stands Behind Trump’s Proposal to Ban Muslims

Donald Trump’s plan to temporarily prohibit Muslims from entering the United States is necessary to protect the country from terrorism, according to U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn.

Newsmax reported that the Tennessee Republican declared Monday morning on Fox News: “You need to have this halt and make certain that we know who’s coming in; we know what their purposes are. The Office of Refugee Resettlement loses track of individuals that are coming in.”

Blackburn continued: “Many of our churches that are involved in missions and outreach and resettlement, they want to make certain that the individuals that are coming in are first of all who they say they are; and secondly, that they are not individuals that are involved with terrorism.”

The congresswoman also blasted Hillary Clinton, arguing that the apparent Democratic presidential nominee “can’t be trusted (because) she is totally out of touch with mainstream America and Main Street.”

Blackburn addressed the recent death of Pat Summitt, whose women’s basketball teams at the University of Tennessee won a record number of games. She called the coach “such a role model for young women,” adding: “I appreciated so much the fact that she continued to be supportive of young women, of exercising leadership and of developing their skills. She knew how a girl could take the skills from the court, playing basketball, and utilize those to expand their career.”

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