CORRUPT! Hillary Clinton Rewarded 194 Donors With THIS

Well, maybe we have been wrong about Hillary Clinton’s job creation record, fellow patriots. In the course of just three years, the career politician went from never having worked a real job or creating one to doing something pretty historic to put a lot of extra cash into the pockets of her friends.

During the three years Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state (2009-2012), she appointed 194 of her donors to coveted spots on top advisory boards.

All 194 individuals donated either directly to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s political campaigns, or, in many cases, both, Breitbart reports.

Some of the lucky winners of the top appointments were “affiliated” with groups that had been Clinton donors.

Federal records from Hillary’s tenure also reportedly reveal 40 percent of the State Department advisory appointment slots were filled with…wait for it…Clinton donors.

Apparently, it is profitable to be a Clinton donor—a lot of bang for your buck.

Although many presidents and high-profile elected officials have given appointments to supporters and friends over the years, this degree of love might be unprecedented and will not help quiet the ongoing pay-for-play scandal plaguing Hillary’s campaign.

Kaki Hockersmith, a Clinton “bundler” and old pal, was appointed to the National Commission on UNESCO – a global humanitarian organization. Her qualifications for the job? She is an interior designer.

Betsy Cohn, another Clinton donor and friend, was also appointed to the UNESCO board and was allowed to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom. At the time when Bill Clinton’s philandering was making headlines, perhaps she did not snooze in the massive bed all by herself.

Ken Miller, a banking executive, was appointed to the International Economic Policy board.

Miller is a name you might recall. The Teneo Holdings executive allegedly helped Huma Abedin TRIPLE-DIP while she served as Hillary’s top State Department aide. She was simultaneously getting a big check from the taxpayers, the Clinton Foundation, and Teneo.

While the list of Clinton donor appointments is extensive, there is one more individual who deserves to be singled out for scrutiny.

Rajiy Fernando was appointed by Hillary to serve on the International Security Advisory Board at Clinton’s insistence, even though the Chicago businessman has zero security qualifications. The spot on the board garnered him top secret security clearance.

Fernando reportedly donated $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and bundled $100,000 in donations for Clinton’s 2008 presidential run. He resigned from the board after reporters started questioning his appointment.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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