Country Mega-Star SLAMS Bernie Sanders… This Will Have Conservatives Cheering LOUD

One of the struggles of being a conservative or a fan of small government is the difficulty of getting the message out to a younger crowd.

Back in March, Travis Tritt did his part to end this by tweeting a simple message to his over 44,000 followers on Twitter.

The country music star reaches the vastly unpolitical ‘female 25-54’ demographic that tends on average not to pay attention to that political rant you just put up on Facebook.

It’s hard not to attribute the emergence of anti-establishment political speech coming from unlikely sources to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

While cutting a Bernie Sanders sign in half to illustrate the absurdity of his economic policy is funny, the photo has deeper meaning behind it: There’s no use for one half of a sign.

To take one half of a political sign is as good as destroying the entire sign, and to execute the socialist command and control policies of Bernie Sanders would render the country as dysfunctional as that sign.

And the half that was taken was taken without the permission (one assumes) of the owner.

When’s the last time you gave the federal government permission to take a third of your paycheck?

Trump may still be struggling to win over some in the conservative base, but with the conservative message being delivered more effectively by music and television stars than the political figures of yesterday thanks to the influence of the former reality-star-turned-presumed-nominee, we may be watching that change soon, especially among younger voters.

H/T The Daily Caller

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