Country Music Star Has A Must-See Message For Obama Right After Orlando

After the horrific events in Orlando, many people expected a strong statement from their commander-in-chief. However, when he gave his press conference, many people said his message was tepid and weak.

Ronnie Dunn was one of those people. Dunn, an American country music singer-songwriter, took to Facebook to express his frustrations with the president’s speech. He wrote:

His comments sparked some opposing views from his Facebook followers, but Dunn didn’t mind engaging in those who disagreed with him. Among some of his comments:

“Nobody blamed it on Obama. Political preference doesn’t influence my opinion. I’m not selling politics, I’m making an observation.”

“Look into how many mass shootings are related to two main factors….pharmaceuticals and radical religious ideology.”

“I don’t see these ‘brave warriors’ walking into police stations. They pick children, the elderly and otherwise helpless victims.”

“What would’ve happened if the nation’s leader had walked up and said….’America, we are now going to offer public national anti-terrorism seminars. After you take the courses and pass the tests will be allowed to attain (sic) a carry permit… Arm yourselves. We are OFFICIALLY, at war with a global, radical ideology.”

The president mentioned that the killer was carrying a AR-15-style assault rife. He used this talking point to elaborate on the ease in which people can acquire weapons in this country. “We have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be — and to actively do nothing is a decision as well,” he said.

Dunn did reply to a comment regarding assault rifles by saying, “I don’t disagree with tighter control of assault weapons.”

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