Country Superstar Blake Shelton Just Revealed The 1 Issue He Agrees With Trump On

Months after tabloids began making his divorce front-page sensationalism — and excitedly tracking his subsequent relationship with singer Gwen Stefani — country music star Blake Shelton sat down with Rolling Stone’s Patrick Doyle for a wide-ranging interview. And, of course, the conversation turned to presidential politics.

Though much of the resulting article focuses on Shelton’s tumultuous year personally, the topic of discussion eventually came to the upcoming presidential contest — specifically presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s role as a political agitator.

Doyle broached the topic by mentioning the “scrapes” Shelton has gotten into with critics over politically incorrect social media posts.

“More than ever,” the singer responded, “I’ve been hitting delete before I send out a tweet. I’m just tired of the drama that comes with it, the absolute crybaby reaction you get from how politically correct the world is now.”

Because of others’ super-sensitivities, Shelton complained that he now feels the need to filter his own thoughts before sharing them with his fans.

“You just second guess everything: ‘I’ll upset this bunch,’” he explained. “It just sucks the life out of the world for me. Everybody needs to take a chill pill.”

Asked if he agrees with Trump’s assessment that political correctness has gotten “out of hand,” Shelton said he does, offering self-censorship as the regrettable reaction.

“The best way to deal with that, I think, is just sometimes to keep my mouth shut,” said the performer.

Shelton, also one of the celebrity judges on NBC’s “The Voice,” did not delve too deeply into the partisan pool. He did explain, however, why he will miss the political season after November’s election.

“The only thing that I’m going to tell you is I’m going to be real sad when it’s over with,” he said, “because this is literally one of the most addictive, entertaining things I have seen in my life. It’s amazing what we’re seeing right now.”

In addition to filtering what he says about others, Shelton is also trying to prevent social snipers from spreading what he asserts are lies about him. He touched on the subject of an ongoing lawsuit against In Touch magazine regarding an article he says misrepresented him as a heavy drinker.

“With this lawsuit that I have going on right now,” he said, “I’m not backing off of it. Because with that level of a lie, I don’t want one kid to walk by that magazine rack and see that and have it affect who I am in their mind.”

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