Court Order Given For Seizure Of Camera Footage, Shows Children Bred For ISIS In U.S. Schools

Last year, parents in Ithaca, New York were taken back to find out who was speaking at the school their children attend. It was only after the meeting that they found out whom was teaching their children certain things.

In September of 2015, two visitors were present in the classroom in Beverly J. Martin Elementary School. This group is quite notorious although surely none of the children understood this. Let’s take a closer look at these “human rights” speakers.

Ariel Gold was supposedly the coordinator of all of this. She is an anti-Israel activist who used to work as a community organizer for the anti-Israel Sabeel Int’l – North America. Gold now self-describes her occupation as a Community Activist “delegitimizing Zionism.” Gold involves her children (ages 12 and 14) in her anti-Israel activism, promoting them through radio and speaking appearances, as well as Facebook and videos.

Her children were at this presentation even though they do not attend Beverly J. Martin Elementary School. Perhaps Gold could not deny them the chance to hear the guest speaker. The 12 year old daughter of Gold even participated by reading a story to the children.

A Facebook post by another woman involved expressed her gratitude to Gold’s daughter. “Thank you [__________]*for reading that wonderful story from a Palestinian child’s dreams, speaking with his mom, about what life could be like without the occupation wall. You were wonderful.”

The star of the show was Bassem Tamimi, who is well-known in the jihadi community. In March of 2013, he and his family were featured in a flowery and complimentary piece in the New York Times Magazine entitled, “Is This Where the Third Intifada Will Start?” The article starts with the description that indicates a happy, friendly, ideal activist family.

“The living room of Bassem Tamimi’s house in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh was filled with friends and relatives smoking and sipping coffee, waiting for Bassem to return from prison. His oldest son, Waed, 16, was curled on the couch with his 6-year-old brother, Salam, playing video games on the iPhone that the prime minister of Turkey had given their sister, Ahed. She had been flown to Istanbul to receive an award after photos of her shaking her fist at an armed Israeli soldier won her, at 11, a brief but startling international celebrity. Their brother Abu Yazan, who is 9, was on a tear in the yard, wrestling with an Israeli activist friend of Bassem’s. Nariman, the children’s mother, crouched in a side room, making the final preparations for her husband’s homecoming meal, laughing at the two photographers competing for shots from the narrow doorway as she spread onions onto oiled flatbreads.”

Despite the praise of the magazine, Tamimi is better known for far more evil actions. He makes use of children, his own included, in a game that goes like this; his children and others from their village are encouraged to confront Israeli soldiers in the hope of provoking a reaction. Photographers and videographers surround the youths, waiting for the moment when the Israeli soldier reacts. This footage is then given to the media through the Tamimi media operation and international activists who often participate.

Ahed Tamimi is the blonde girl in this 2012 video below is famous like her father. As mentioned in the Times article, she was given a heroism award by the anti-Israel Prime Minister of Turkey. The magazine neglects to mention that this is a staged performance, instigated by Tamimi and his daughter. They need the footage of “evil soldier” to further their agenda.

Tamimi’s son was the subject of media coverage after he threw rocks at Israeli soldiers. When they moved to arrest him, a soldier was set upon by local women and children, all as the video rolled. Rock throwing has become a serious problem, with numerous motorists killed and injured as a result, yet it is an activity Tamimi encourages of his children and which he himself has been arrested for.

The cropped version of the photo on Ahed’s page

The full photo

These two photos are from Ahed Tamimi’s website. The first one above is cropped to look like she is innocently throwing rocks at cars she couldn’t possibly reach. The full photo shows the true story.

Mary Anne Grades Flores is a local political activist who accompanied Tamimi to the school. A year before she helped with this presentation, she had been charged for protests over drones. Her post on social media shows her spin about what took place that day.

“Bassem Tamimi, father of 4, of Palestine and 12 yr. old Ithacan [________] Gold* spoke to BJM 3rd graders about Palestinian children struggling living under Israeli occupation. I am a witness to the gentle way the discussion happened and I am a witness to what is happening in Palestine. Denial of Human Rights by Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.”

This was the group that gathered to speak to the impressionable 3rd graders in 2015. Children apparently went home to tell their parents what they had learned in school that day and the response was understandable.

The school district released a news statement shortly afterward and said “…guest speakers originally were to discuss human rights and peace with a third grade class at Beverly J. Martin School, but instead they gave a politically-driven talk in support of Palestinians in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The school administration was not informed beforehand of the presence of additional speakers, according to the news release.

The talk featured a brief video shown by the speakers of a young Palestinian girl who references Israelis killing Palestinians, as well as an anti-Israeli sentiment portraying the country as having broken the laws of the United Nations and being in control of the whole region.”

Superintendent Luvelle Brown also issued a statement; “Such statements are not developmentally appropriate for third graders, nor aligned with the New York. The statements were politically skewed, inflammatory, and not endorsed by the Ithaca City School District.”

Now the video of what happened in that classroom has finally been released and it is more shocking than what we imagined.

The partial video of the event was obtained after Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson conducted a year-long court battle with the Ithaca City School District to cease and release all documents available about the event, through a Freedom of Information Law request, which the school is subject to as a public entity.

The video shows a brief view of what the children were shown on September 18th and then shows the children’s reactions to what they saw.

At the end of the presentation, Tamimi does what he is known for, exploits the children. “The wall that we would like to build to protect ourselves is your solidarity, you’re important [in] what you can do for us,” he said. “You all defend us, you can do a lot for [us], and be the freedom fighters for Palestine.”

Citizens should encourage the school district to finally act appropriately to this incident. Instead of issuing statements and withholding evidence they should be suing the participants for child endangerment.

What would you do if this group was at your children’s school teaching them these jihadi techniques?

Islam is a disease, and eradication is the only solution.

H/T: Conservative Daily Post

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