CREDIBILITY ZERO: Girlfriend Who Filmed Castile Shooting on Facebook Live

Philandro Castile’s girlfriend claims he was reaching for his license when a police officer shot and killed him in MN last week. But according to a new video (seen below), the credibility of the girlfriend must be questioned.

The Castile shooting took place after a routine traffic stop. The aftermath of the shooting was captured by Reynolds on Facebook LIVE.

According to the video, which was captured after the shooting took place, the cop shot Castile as he sat in the passenger seat of a car driven by Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds. In the back seat of the car is Reynold’s young daughter.

In the video, Castile is seen shot in the front seat as Reynolds talks into her camera. She claims Castile did nothing wrong.

She says the police officer asked for Castile’s license, and that Castile told the officer he was legally carrying a firearm before he reached for the license. It was then, as Castile reached for his license that the cop shot him, according to Reynolds.

After Reynolds makes her claim in the video, we hear the police officer counter by stating he told Castile not to reach for his gun.

Because the video was captured AFTER the shooting, it comes down to Reynold’s word versus the word of the police officer. Can we take Renyold’s word as being credible?

Three days before his death, Castile took part in another one of Reynold’s Facebook Live videos. In this video Diamond Reynolds sits in the driver’s seat and films herself smoking pot. She passes the joint to Castile. This all takes place while Reynold’s daughter watches from the back seat.

In addition to showcasing her own drug use, the majority of the video is Reynolds filming her body parts for the world to see, including her breasts and crotch. In addition to Castile not saying a word about Reynold’s actions, her daughter can be seen in the background — visibly disturbed by the situation.

During the video, Reynolds tells her viewers to have a safe 4th of July and to put all the guns away.

Later in the video, after Reynolds and Castile are finished smoking pot, Castile gets in the driver’s seat and drives off while Reynolds continues to film herself on Facebook Live.

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