‘Crooked Hillary’ Bombshell Makes US State Department Appear ‘For Sale’ On Clinton’s Watch

Revelations about suspicious fundraising at the Bill and Hillary piggybank known as the Clinton Foundation have been dripping out over the course of the presidential campaign with the same painful regularity as the leaks about Hillary’s email scandal.

Both stories are getting shamefully ignored by a mainstream media obsessed with Donald Trump and his rhetorical controversies. Hillary’s email scandal is under increasing focus from an FBI investigation that could upend her presidential campaign, while the FBI is also probing the foundation’s money-grubbing and influence-peddling ways.

But the latest revelation has ethics experts from both ends of the political spectrum shaking their heads — and could be enough to shake awake even a lethargic, liberal media when it comes to the woman Donald Trump calls “Crooked Hillary.”

A filing by the Clinton Foundation reported by the Daily Caller admits foreign governments donated more than $17 million to the Clinton “charity” while Hillary was serving as America’s top diplomat — often doing official business with those same governments.

As the Daily Caller reported:

The latest filing was submitted last January before the public charity division operated by New York Attorney General Eric Schneidermann, a Democrat. The money was given between 2010 and 2013, the exact years when Clinton was America’s chief diplomat.

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The January filings also were unusual in that the latest submission now constituted a third “official” revised version of the Clinton Foundation’s financial statements for the foundation’s activities while Clinton was in public office.

Last November, amid much fanfare, foundation officials issued a second revision of the foundation’s federal tax filings for the four years.

But a new line was added in the January submission that stated: “All other government grants came from foreign governments.” The total figure for each of the four years equaled $17.7 million.

That means the Clintons and their own global charity took in almost $18 million from foreign officials. And while the countries weren’t identified, it can’t be denied that the money came in at the exact same time Hillary was in a position to do those donors the most good when it came to American foreign policy. In other words, the email system might have been kept quiet, but the “for sale” sign was brightly lit at the United States State Department.

Even a woman who was appointed by Bill Clinton to the board of directors for the Corp. for National and Community Service — the country’s largest federal-grant distributor — said it doesn’t pass the smell test.

The Clinton Foundation is “an appearance of a conflict of interest waiting to happen,” Leslie Lenkowsky told the Daily Caller.

Former Washington, D.C., federal prosecutor and fierce Clinton critic Joseph DiGenova was more scathing.

“There is no doubt that the foundation purposely refused to make public certain things as a way of protecting the Secretary of State during her tenure,” he told the Daily Caller. “The entire process to hide information from the public is completely inconsistent with a public charity.”

Well, maybe. But it’s totally consistent with the way this former secretary of state operated — even to the extent of establishing her own private email server to hide information from the public throughout her years of diplomacy and deal-making in Foggy Bottom.

In an interview last week, Hillary acknowledged that “one or two” Clinton Foundation donations might have “slipped through the cracks” when it came to foreign governments, but even by the mega-wealthy Clinton standards, $18 million is a whole lot of slipping.

And regardless of whether the mainstream media likes it — or the Clinton campaign loathes it — FBI agents are there to turn over the rocks, follow slimy money trails, and connect the dots.

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