CROOKED: Insider Releases DNC Letter That Shows Bernie Fans Are Right… It’s RIGGED

Almost from the very beginning of this 2016 election cycle there have been outraged cries and accusations that the primary processes of both major political parties were rigged to ensure the establishment’s choices would outlast all other candidates to obtain their respective nominations.

Any attempts to rig the process on the Republican side failed, as presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump blew away all comers simply through superior voter support.

The same can’t be said for socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who despite exciting the party base and raising incredible amounts of campaign funds nevertheless eventually fell to the presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, despite her failings as a candidate and cloud of scandal that surrounds her.

Now, thanks to the leak of an internal memo from the Democrat National Committee dated May 2015, we see how the establishment structure of the Democrat Party had already chosen Hillary as their nominee and were making plans for the general election accordingly, even before the primary season had started.

DNC letter 1

The letter began by stating that the DNC’s main goal would be to “frame the Republican field and eventual nominee early and to provide a contrast between the GOP field and (Hillary Rodham Clinton).”

Such a goal called for highlighting any GOP candidate “outside of the mainstream” on certain issues and targeting other candidates specifically to undermine their message.

It also directly called for efforts to “muddy the waters” around the many attacks on Hillary regarding her “ethics, transparency and campaign finance.”

The letter went on to call for Democrat operatives to use the second and third-tier GOP candidates as a “cudgel” against the top candidates, not marginalizing those candidates but instead highlighting their “extreme” positions as being commonplace on the right.

DNC letter 2

The letter also specifically named five GOP candidates whom the Dems presumably viewed as the most threatening to them at the time, providing suggestions on how to undermine each individual’s specific message. Those candidates chosen for extra special attention were former Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Noting that the “right wing attack machine” would be going after Hillary exceptionally hard, the letter called for “muddying the waters” by hand-feeding carefully crafted stories of ethics violations by GOP candidates to the media. Which leads us to our final and most damning point.

Listed as the first “tactic” to effectively “muddy the waters,” the letter specifically calls for “reporter outreach,” meaning the DNC and allied groups should use “background briefings” and “off-the-record conversations” in order to “prep with reporters” ahead of interviews with GOP candidates.

DNC letter 3

That tactic specifically called for pitching stories and utilizing reporters to drive their own partisan message “with no fingerprints” that could be traced back to them.

It is obvious from this letter that Hillary was chosen as the Dem candidate long before the election season even started. Sorry Bernie fans, your guy never had a chance.

People have called the system rigged, and if this letter isn’t a clear indication that there is some truth to that allegation, then nothing else really would be either.


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