Cruz-Backing Blog CEO Says He’s Half Mexican On Twitter, Border Should Be “Open, Open, Open”

Joshua Trevino, the red headed step child of the RINO Media Movement (literally) and major Cruz backer through his blog “Redstate,”  which since launching back in 2004 has barely 500,000 Facebook likes in 2016, came under fire for a Twitter post in which he said arrogantly that his “red hair and fair skin IS his passport.”

That’s not what we find controversial though. Just arrogant.  (If he was crossing into Ireland maybe his arrogance could be more justified).

What came as his response to criticism is what’s alarming. The major Cruz backer played his hand under scrutiny from the media on why he really most likely supports Cruz, with his true position on the border.

“For the record I am half Mexican, and I think the border should be OPEN, OPEN, OPEN.”

No wonder Redstate is so actively backing Cruz.

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