Cruz, Bush Billionaire Now Giving Millions To Hillary

James Simons, the hedge fund billionaire behind Renaissance Technologies, who donated over $13 million to Ted Cruz’s campaign has reversed course and is now giving millions to Hillary Clinton.  So much for devotion to the Constitution, limited government, and conservative principles.  Just funnel cash to the winner and reap the rewards.  It’s tough to take seriously those who criticize Trump’s conservative bona fides when one of Cruz’s largest donors so quickly backs Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton.

But that’s not all.  It turns out that not only do Cruz donors back Hillary, many deep pocketed mega-donors have been supporting both Bush and Clinton as well.  Wonder why Bush and Clinton policies seem so similar?  Wonder why so many neoconservatives are ready to abandon the elected nominee of the Republican Party in favor of Hillary Clinton? Because they’re basically the same people with the same big government, open borders, globalist agenda.

The Observer reports:

Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund founded by billionaire James Simons, donated over $13 million to Sen. Ted Cruz’s failed presidential campaign. For a guy who’s supposed to be pretty smart with his money, the ROI on that one has got to sting. Nevertheless, now that Mr. Cruz is out of the race, Mr. Simons has begun pouring millions of dollars into Hillary Clinton‘s campaign, with Renaissance Technologies donating over $2 million to Ms. Clinton so far this election cycle. Euclidean Capital—also owned by Mr. Simons—has given the Clinton campaignover $7 million in contributions, and such figures are likely to increase as Ms. Clinton slowly transitions her attention from Democratic Primary opponent Bernie Sanders to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Mr. Simons isn’t the only wealthy donor making the move. A number of deep-pocketed elite have given up trying to buy off Republican politicians in order to support Ms. Clinton—the only establishment-friendly candidate of either party remaining in the race. In response, the Clinton campaign has assembled a group dubbed “Republicans for Hillary” to reach wealthy GOP donors. Ms Clinton not only shares over 60 of the same donors with the former Republican candidate Jeb Bush but is also making new efforts to court additional Bush family donors, according to a recent Politico report.

It should be no surprise that there is so much antipathy towards Donald Trump.  The Clintons, Bushes and their cronies in the triangle trade between government, academia/think tanks, and the elite media don’t want anyone crashing their party.   They’ve had a virtual monopoly on the money and power flowing from Washington D.C. for almost 30 years.  And look what they’ve done with it.

Bushism replaced Reagan’s gospel of limited government and strong national defense with big government “compassionate conservatism” and a busybody foreign policy characterized by slapdash adventurism.  Clintonism, on the other hand, is just another word for the type of corruption and self-dealing usually reserved for especially venal African dictators.  Is America safer, happier, or more prosperous than it was when Reagan left office?  Is the government smaller?  No, no, and no.

For 3 decades the same people have controlled the levers of power and they have used it to make their own lives more comfortable and their own positions more lucrative.  They have centralized power and wealth in their own hands at the expense of average Americans.  They have eviscerated the institutions designed to prevent just such a concentration of power.  And it turns out they have been doing it with financing from the same people.  It’s no wonder many Americans are so eager for a champion to break up the monopoly.  Donald Trump is an unlikely tribune of the people, but he may be the right vessel – or at least a vessel – to channel the people’s anger at the Washington cartel that has used the country for its own private enrichment.

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