Cruz caught in another big lie

During after his victory in Wisconsin, Cruz stated:

“In the Hispanic community, we have shared values in our community,” Cruz said. “The values that resonate in our community are faith, family, patriotism. A lot of people don’t know the rate of military enlistment among Hispanics is higher than any demographic in this country. And I think the most powerful value in the Hispanic community is the American Dream.” [Emphasis mine]

The statement was a big lie. According to (Link: : As of September 2006, Hispanic men accounted for 11 percent of enlisted men and Hispanic women were 12 percent of enlisted women. The Hispanic share of commissioned officers is much lower: 4.8 percent for men and 5.3 percent for women—with a slight edge for Latinas. This is surprising given the traditionally masculine culture of the armed forces and the traditionally feminine, home-based role for Latinas.

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