Cruz Declines To Endorse Trump

Speaking with Glenn Beck on his radio show Tuesday morning, Ted Cruz would not endorse Donald Trump’s candidacy for president, pointing “it’s not a choice that we as the voters have to make today” and ” “I think we need to watch and see what the candidates say and do.”

Cruz left open the door for a return to the campaign in the highly unlikely scenario in which Trump stumbles before the convention:

He also staunchly defended the viability of the conservative movement in the face of the attacks from Trump supporters who gleefully claim conservatism has no relevance:

“It’s not a choice that we as the voters have to make today.”

Ted Cruz

Cruz apologized to his supporters for failing to garner the nomination:

Cruz’s refusal to currently endorse Trump may change, but the same man who continually challenged the GOP establishment has nothing to lose by refraining from endorsing a candidate the establishment has decided to back. If he endorses Trump, he may lose the credibility as a true conservative he has earned by his consistent action on behalf of the cause; if he refuses to endorse Trump, he may be isolated by his GOP fellows, but he has never evinced any deep concern about that as long as he was standing for the cause of conservatism.

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