Cruz Delegates Planning To Sabotage RNC… Glenn Beck Has A STUNNING Response

Radio host Glenn Beck has been the critic of all critics when it comes to the issue of Donald Trump being the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

To put the drama as simply as possible, Beck has a problem with the fact that Trump isn’t Sen. Ted Cruz. When the Texas senator dropped out, Beck spearheaded the “Never Trump” movement.

But things have changed. In a Facebook post published on Wednesday, Beck submitted his disapproval of the idea that delegates should unbind themselves and rally around Cruz.

“I have said since the beginning, if the GOP changes the rules to allow some trick on ANY candidate it will lead to the end of the party and possibly to the kindling of a civil war, God forbid,” he said. “This will only cause chaos and more hatred.

“There are no good answers now for many Americans. Maybe 50 percent of Americans don’t want either, but the time to let your voice be heard was during the primary,” Beck added.

Much of that post can be widely agreed upon — if the Republican National Committee were to play any games with the voters, they could be releasing something they can’t control.

“How you vote is your business, but rigging the game after it has been played and someone has 1237 only leads to more trouble. I really don’t think I have to tell you how much I do not like it, but it doesn’t change the fact: Trump is the nominee,” Beck concluded.

You can read his entire statement here:

Well, glad that’s over.

After a month of aimlessly trying to stop Trump, alienating a massive number of his listeners and uttering some alarming comments on his show, it looks like he’s trying to get back into the swing of things.

H/T Breitbart

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