Cruz does not look very good in latest Conneticut Poll

Anthony Tolman said: The era of appeasement is coming to an end! They are only making the majority stronger and more galvanized than ever! All are welcome on the Trump Train – GO TRUMP!!! #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain #VoteTrump #Yuge

Daisy Elain Jones said: Ted Cruz has always been a part of that tangled web the Republicans have weaved..they thought they could ‘trick’ the People into believing they are at odds..but it’s most apparent Ted has been down on his knees before McConnell and the rest of them or they would NOT be coming out of the woodwork now to ‘support him’..and ‘they do support him’ ..because they are so stupid they SHOWED THEIR HANDS…in public … and ‘they did it to themselves’ TRUMP 2016!

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