DML OPINION: Senator Ted Cruz was run over tonight by a high speed locomotive — it’s called The Trump Train.

The Texas Senator did himself no favors this week announcing his “Stop Trump” agreement with Governor John Kasich. But desperate people do desperate things. And after getting a complete beating in the New York primary Cruz felt the desperation creep in. Tonight, if he was as smart as he is cunning, he would finally come to the realization that he is out of real estate. But that won’t happen.

After losing all five states tonight, it will be near impossible for Cruz to get off the canvas. He has no chance of getting to 1237, and he has absolutely no momentum. I think it’s safe to say Senator Cruz has only one safe road to take from here — back to Texas. He could do so with his pride only semi-broken and his name only sort of tainted. But Cruz won’t take that road, believe me. He will continue to self destruct in an attempt to win the nomination on a second ballot in Cleveland.

The Senator has branded himself as the anti-politician for so long — but so many of us knew better. We knew it was a matter of time until Trump left Cruz with no place to hide.

Donald Trump has painted Cruz into the corner and so Cruz will now begin to act like a cornered, wounded animal. If you thought Cruz looked cheap as of late — oh boy — you in for a show come next week.

Get ready for Cruz to up his game. It’s the game played by every politician who cannot be trusted: Dirty tricks, plastic talk, and a greater concern for reaching out to insiders than the American people is the only hand Cruz has left to play.

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