Cruz: I am confident majority of Trump supporters will join me if he doesn’t get nomination

Sen. Ted Cruz joined the Sean Hannity Show on Monday night where he covered a lot of ground in an extensive interview. Cruz was asked about the National Enquirer sex scandal allegations and he said “only one side has been firing,” while continuing to blame the Trump Campaign, though offering no proof. Cruz agreed that families of candidates should be off-limits.

Cruz was asked in the interview if he thinks Donald Trump supporters will unify around him if he takes the nomination at a contested GOP Convention. He didn’t immediately say they would but said he believed eventually many would unify with him.


DUDE!!! I don’t see that happening – certainly not the Trump voters he has brought into the GOP for the first time. The acrimony that will exist after a contested Convention where a candidate with fewer votes and fewer delegates ends up as the nominee will leave such hard feelings it is a pipe-dream to think Republicans will leave Cleveland unified.

Many Trump supporters will remember the unwillingness of others to unify around Trump rather than create a contested convention situation, thus weakening the GOP’s chances in November. It will be very difficult for Cruz to expect then them to do what he was unwilling to do himself.

Watch the video here (If you don’t feel like watching the entire clip, go to 9:07 to listen):

Well, let’s see how that goes. Cruz keeps saying that he hasn’t attacked Trump’s character, but he does that almost every day over the past couple of months.

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