Rejected by American voters, all he can rely upon on now are strategically placed delegates.

Tuesday night’s primary elections in five states – with Donald Trump easily winning an average 58% of the vote across the board, and Cruz coming in a very distant third place in 4 states, and a distant second in PA – all points to one simple fact:  it is now mathematically impossible for Cruz to win the GOP nomination through votes from the American people.

 While the Cruz, Kasich, and the entire GOP establishment have all railed on Donald Trump, claiming he will never reach the 1,237 delegate number required before the convention in Cleveland, he continues to gain ground toward that very goal, and he is the ONLY candidate with the very real possibility of achieving that number.

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There are 622 delegates available remaining.

Donald Trump now has 950 delegates.   He only needs 287 additional delegates.

Ted Cruz has only 560 delegates, needing 677 more.

He’s out – not even common core math could help him win this one.

His only recourse now is to hope for a contested convention, where he intends to seek the nomination through strategically placed delegates, going against the will of the majority of American voters.

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