Cruz Whines About Trump’s ‘Free Media,’ Gets EPICALLY Smacked Down By Anderson Cooper

During Tuesday evening’s town hall event hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, GOP candidate Ted Cruz had the gall to actually whine about the “free media” coverage billionaire Donald Trump has received from cable news networks. However, Cooper seemed prepared for the remarks, and he epically shot down “Lyin’ Ted’s” lie.

Take a look.

Video of the exchange starts with Cruz once again trying to pin the National Enquirer sex scandal story on Trump – a bald-faced lie based on circumstantial evidence at best – despite the fact that it’s been widely reported that Rubio operatives shopped the story to networks for months. When pressed by Cooper for irrefutable evidence of his allegation, Cruz could offer nothing more than connecting a couple of dots to create a suspicion of guilt about Trump, which oddly enough, is the exact same thing he’s upset at people for doing to him over the sex scandal.

Hypocrisy much, Ted?

The discussion then pivoted to Cooper asking Cruz if he made a calculated decision to not attack Trump early on, and just like a slimy politician, Cruz dodged the question entirely. Cooper reminded the Texas senator that in December, he called Trump “terrific.”

“At that point in December, did you really believe that Donald Trump was terrific?” he asked.

Cruz ducked, dodged, and then tried to spin his response into a condemnation of the media for being “engaged in a love-fest, giving Donald Trump $2 billion in free media.”

“It sounds like you were engaged in a love-fest, though,” Cooper shot back.

Of course, slimy Cruz tried to reiterate his false statement, which caused Cooper to give him a major dose of reality – it was his own doing that he didn’t get more coverage.

“Let’s be clear. How many hours of free media does CNN and Fox and every other station … You let him call in and for a year, he got $2 billion in free media,” Cruz said.

Fed up with Cruz’s refusal to discuss the initial question, Cooper let him have it.

We’ve asked you for interviews pretty much every day. And you’ve declined every offer on my program,” Cooper interjected. “So you can come on anytime.”

Boom! Finally Cruz was called out for being dishonest. It seems like with the media’s concerted effort to take out Trump, Cruz has been able to get away with almost anything, including blaming Trump for everything under the sun, except global warming… for now anyways.

But don’t you just love how every other word out of Cruz’s mouth lately has been Trump? Then he has the gall to turn around and complain that the media gives Trump too much coverage?

Sorry, but I used to like Cruz because I thought he was an honest, straightforward politician among a sea of snakes. However, as it turns out, he’s no better than the other scum that’s infested D.C., and his latest actions on the campaign trail show it.

Think about it – he’s using baseless accusations created with circumstantial evidence to smear Trump over the sex scandal; meanwhile, he’s decrying those using circumstantial evidence to launch allegedly baseless accusations against him over the sex scandal.

Which is it Ted? Are baseless accusations okay or are they not? Because I can’t keep up with your ever-changing standards any longer.

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