Senator Ted Cruz is spiraling out of control.  This is resulting in him throwing one last Hail Mary pass fueled by desperation — and the pass is destined to land way short of the end zone.

Today, at 4pm ET, the conservative from Texas will hold a press conference.  He will state that if he secures the nomination he will name Carly Fiorina as his choice for VP.

There are three take-aways from this sort of announcement.

  1. Ted Cruz is desperate.  His string of 6 primary losses — coupled with the massive momentum of the Trump Train — has Cruz feeling he must do something to spark interest.  He needs to do something to get the cameras to turn away from Trump.  Considering his alliance with Gov Kasich fell short, Cruz figures if he names a woman as his VP choice then suddenly he’ll grab the headlines?  How stupid is this man?
    Most Americans cannot tolerate Fiorina for more than 30-seconds.  She’s already proven herself as undesirable. This sort of decision by Cruz leads to #2…
  2. Ted Cruz is not ready to be president.  Cruz shows time and again that his decision making skills are terrible.  He acts like a snake-oil salesman who cannot be trusted — he panics — and no matter how hard he tries he will never be “liked” because he is a fake, and he is VERY unlikeable. The only conservative who is more unlikeable than Cruz, is Carly Fiorina.
  3. Ted Cruz will end up in the dark.  Such a lame attempt to turn the spotlight on himself will backfire. Ultimately, the cameras are going to point to Trump for his reaction to this silly announcement and the timing of it.  And after Trump rips both Cruz and Fiorina to shreds, all of the spotlight will go back on Trump.  That leaves Cruz with Fiorina standing in the dark.  Goes to show how misery loves company.

Fiorina is 61-years old.  She served as the CEO of Hewlett Packard and is rated one of the worst CEO’s in American history.  She endorsed Cruz one month after dropping out of the Republican race herself.  How Cruz thinks his “Carly” announcement is a game changer just baffles the mind!

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