Cuba Expert Reveals The REAL Reason Obama Went To Cuba… We’ve Been Played

American filmmaker Agustin Blazquez, a Cuban native who thankfully made it out of that communist hellhole alive in 1967, warned during a recent interview that President Barack Obama’s cozy relationship with Cuban President Raul Castro portends very badly for America.

Speaking with The Daily Caller, the Cuba expert suggested that Obama and his “progressive” friends want to make Americans comfortable with Cuban-style socialism so as to eventually funnel that style of governance to the United States. The point of Obama’s trip, he hinted, was to do exactly that.

“That is simply the end result of the Marxist education,” Blazquez stated, pointing to the way liberals use both the educational system and the media to essentially indoctrinate Americans into believing that socialism would benefit them.

It struck him as “absurd” that so many young Americans embrace avowed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, as if they are completely unaware of what his brand of socialism would do to the country.

But Blazquez’s chief focus was Obama and his recent trip to Cuba, which the Cuban exile said made him “want to throw up.”

He added that the trip was a “betrayal to victims of communism,” i.e., the countless “Mandelas” in Cuban prisons who are tortured and abused for standing up to their corrupt government.

It was also in many ways a betrayal of Americans, as the filmmaker predicted that Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” would eventually lead to its citizens losing all the privileges, rights and property that they currently take for granted.

“Wake up, America!” Blazquez exclaimed during the interview, pleading with Americans to stop buying into the media’s lies and start learning the true history of communism.

Will they listen, though? Some might, though honestly, not enough will.

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