Curt Schilling Just UNLEASHED On Dems Like Never Before In Blistering Rant That’ll Have Libs…

Curt Schilling, the three-time World Series champion pitcher whose preference for throwing the high hard one at the heads of liberals got him fired from ESPN, has now turned his blazing sarcasm on House Democrats.

“This week, Democrats in Congress were pouting about not being able to impose their irrelevant gun restrictions on the American people so they decided to throw a tantrum like children and literally sit on the ground and prevent work from being done as a form of protest. Their slumber party got really old, really quick,” wrote Andrew Mark Miller on Young Conservatives.

“Curt Schilling was tired of it and he took to Twitter to absolutely demolish this ridiculous display of partisanship,” he added.

Schilling’s three-tweet rant said it all.

The video Schilling referred to was posted by Steven Crowder about a Chicago newspaper reporter who failed a background check while trying to buy a gun.

Schilling then retweeted a picture of the Democrats huddled on the House floor. The picture carried the text, “Congressional Democrats have staged a ‘sit-in’ during which they will sit around and do nothing. Just a normal Wednesday for Congressional Democrats.”

“It’s absolutely unbelievable that Democrats think this is the appropriate way to conduct yourself in Congress. Hey guys, why didn’t you pass these gun laws when you had control of Congress for two years? I don’t remember you caring about it then,” Miller added.

h/t: The Daily Caller

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