Dallas Cowboys Owner SHOCKS Players With 1 Simple Message On 9/11

Recently, many professional athletes, especially football players, have had the audacity to protest against this country’s national anthem and flag, the very two symbols that allow them to receive ridiculous incomes and enjoy some pretty luxurious life. That’s called hypocrisy.

VIA Angry Patriot

There are still a lot of petty, politically correct team owners out there. But one team owner has had enough. Before the Dallas Cowboys took the field against the New York Giants,Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke to his players in the locker room and ordered them to stand patriotically for the national anthem. At least that is the unconfirmed word from one poster.

This took a lot of guts. From other team owners all the way to the President of the United States, liberal wusses and politically correct politicians have been unpatriotically encouraging millionaire black athletes to spit in the faces of the very fans who pay for their big salaries with ticket sales.

While Hillary Clinton and her friends fly around in big fancy jets, warning us all about global warming and telling us that Trump supporters are “deplorable”, we’re paying taxes, working hard, and doing the jobs that Hillary and her friends won’t do. The same goes for these rich football players.

Most of these guys refusing to stand for the anthem haven’t ever worked a real job in their lives, much less SERVED under the flag that they PROTEST by refusing to stand.

While our boys are still fighting in Afghanistan and digging in for a long, cold, lonely winter away from family and friends, these football players are preparing to feast on big Thanksgiving turkeys and play one of the greatest games on earth for a living. The very LEAST they can do is stand for the national anthem!

I’m thankful for men like Jerry Jones who use their money and influence to do the right thing. He was willing to risk his team’s success by firing any of these men who refused to stand for our anthem. That takes a kind of courage that you don’t see much in 2016.

Some might say he went too far. But I disagree. That’s called freedom of speech, and it is one of the hallmarks of American life. He is just using his team – and its tremendous star power – to defend America. That’s what I love about Jerry Jones – AND about Donald J. Trump.

If Hillary wins, I bet guys like Jerry Jones will be investigated by the IRS and even imprisoned. She won’t put up with anyone who disagrees with our “politically correct” culture.

It is about time we stood up to thugs like Colin Kaepernick and Hillary Clinton and allow the people who truly love their country like Trump and Jerry Jones to take control. Just as Trump said to the African-American community, “what do you have to lose?”

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