Dan Rather Just Stunned His Liberal Audience With A Massive Donald Trump Announcement

Former CBS news anchor Dan Rather predicted Wednesday that in the coming months, Donald Trump will stay with the campaign style that worked for him in the Republican primary, and that Democrats should be “very, very afraid” of Trump’s candidacy

“I’m not predicting (Trump) will win, but I will say he’s capable of winning in November. He has a path,” Rather told CNBC’s Squawk Box.

Rather also derided assumptions that Trump would start acting more “presidential.”

“Anybody who thinks Donald Trump is going to moderate himself along the way is either slightly ‘touched’ or ‘smoking something very expensive.’ It’s not going to happen,” said Rather, who hosts The Big Interview on AXS TV.

“My own opinion, again,” Rather said, “Democrats who want Hillary Clinton to be president should be afraid. They should be very, very afraid.”

Rather also said the Florida massacre can help Trump.

“Donald Trump has gotten a long way by exploiting fear and anger. And recognizing that fear and anger have increased in the wake of Florida, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it help him, as I say, in the short run,” Rather said.

Rather also said Trump’s recent action to bar the Washington Post from campaign rallies “fits his campaign strategy, if one could call it that. I’m not sure he has a strategy. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way — that he’s gotten a long way by sort of ad-libbing it, if you will, as he goes along. But it does fit — you know, ‘Listen, I’m the guy who’s going to take on the big institutions. Washington Post, I’ll show these guys.’ That will do, but with everything else that he’s talking about — such things as reassessing NATO, possibly encouraging the Japanese to have nuclear weapons — I mean, so his argument is that the Washington Post pales besides those things. But he’s succeeding, in so far as I can analyze, he’s succeeding because he plays on fear and anger; and he dominates nearly every news cycle.”

Rather also noted that the media, himself included, spends too much time emphasizing the horse race nature of the contest and too little time reporting on the policies the candidates propose.

h/t: CNBC

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