DC Insider Drops BOMBSHELL About Paul Ryan’s Plan… Trump is Going To Lose His MIND

Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan have had a rather complicated relationship since Trump became the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. Ryan took a few weeks to endorse Trump and hasn’t been shy about criticizing him since then.

Now a “longtime Republican financial backer” has come forward and anonymously stated that Ryan was secretly hoping that Trump loses in November.

This would then pave the way for Ryan to run for president in 2020. People have long suspected that Ryan had presidential aspirations, but this statement will undoubtedly shock many people nonetheless.

The source also claimed that Mitt Romney, who has already run for president twice, hoped Trump loses so Romney can give the presidency another shot in 2020, perhaps believing the old adage “third time’s the charm”.

“Speaker Ryan said in an op-ed in the Janesville (Wisconsin) Gazette last week that he is voting for Donald Trump and of course he wants the Republican nominee to win in November,” said a Ryan aid in response to these allegations, according to The Daily Caller.

Even if Trump should lose in November, it is doubtful that Ryan or Romney would be the nominee in 2020. Republican voters are already angry at both of them for not “falling in line” behind Trump and would likely hold them partially responsible for Trump losing the election.

As speaker of the House, Ryan also will have an enormous amount of baggage that is simply a byproduct of holding that position. Only one person in American history, James K. Polk, has been both speaker of the House and president.

Many Republicans may not like Trump, but unless they want Hillary Clinton to be the president they need to support him and end the Republican infighting.

That isn’t to say that Republicans can’t call Trump out when he does something over the line, but they need to be careful not to damage his prospects in what is sure to be a brutal political fight.

H/T teaparty.org

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