Dead Grandfather Could Be Dug Up Because His Grave OFFENDS MUSLIMS!

1Shadrack Smith’s family is worried that they might have to exhume the body of their beloved gypsy grandfather who was 89 years old when he died. Why? Because the family of a Muslim man, who’s buried in the plot adjacent to Smith, is upset that their relative is next to someone who didn’t believe in Islam.

Smith, a popular figure in the Romany gypsy community, died early this year after hurting himself and developing pneumonia. His grieving family paid £2,500 for three plots at the multi-faith cemetery in Lychgate Lane Cemetery, Burbage, Leicestershire. More than 400 people attended his funeral. Clearly, he was loved by his community:


Days before the funeral, Burbage Parish Council received a complaint from the Muslim family who own the neighbouring plot.

The principal officer of the council contacted Mr Smith’s family prior to the burial and asked if they would consider an alternative plot.

The council allegedly also asked if it could use one of the family’s empty plots in between the two graves to plant a hedge as a separation.

But Mrs. Smith, from Aston Firs, Leicester, added: ‘She said we should find another site but she did not even apologise to us.’

‘Then our undertaker phoned saying the she had been on the phone to them to see if they could use one of our plots to plant a hedge as a kind of barrier. But the bodies will still be together six feet underground so what is the point?’

via The Daily Mail

The cemetery is multi-faith, and a document on the Burbage Cemetery’s website – “Regulations and Management Rules” – makes no mention of segregation or separate areas based on religion. But now it appears the cemetery managers want to break their own rules to please the Muslim community. The battle is going to court, and the family is determined to fight!


We have seen before just how much the more radical elements of Islam are changing England forever. If America is not careful, this sort of outrageous, uncivilized behavior could be more common here, too.

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