Dear Liberals: This is What Happens when You Malign Cops…

Congratulations to the epically racist and hateful #BlackLivesMatterBarack Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, New York Mayor De Blasio and the entire leftist media. You stoked racial hatred. You fed false narratives. You pitted the public against each other and pushed a false perception against police officers. You’ve overblown and misrepresented police interactions with black Americans. You’ve falsely characterized cops as ruthless racists. You’ve crafted irresponsible headlines that follow a meme “White Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man.” You showed no imagination and used tired, re-treaded cliches.

The shooting in Dallas, the specific targeting of police officers, is the result of your collective handiwork. But the shooting in Dallas is just the most recent, most deadly of these shootings.

From CNN police deaths on the rise:

“The killing of this Illinois officer – it’s the latest in a troubling wave of police deaths across the country.” Todd first touted how “police officers across the U.S. have their guard up even more than usual. The Fraternal Order of Police tells us ambush attacks aimed at the killing or injuring of officers have risen dramatically in the last few years.

Is this what you wanted, President Obama, when you took to the podium eight years ago and declared that you “were going to fundamentally transform the country”? Or were you referring to the Mrs. forcing kids to eat “effing veggies“?

If you didn’t want to stoke racial tensions with police officers, why, pray tell, would you say something like this? Yes, the video plays after Obama makes a stupid joke. You’re welcome.

Classy. Why heal racial tensions when you can just stir them up instead? Served with a slice of Michelle’s tofu cheesecake.

The Ferguson fallout hardly needs a rehashing here, but we’ve been documenting this police-are-the-enemy narrative since the beginning. We predicted there would be a dramatic rise in police deaths as a result of the media declaring war on cops. This is one time we’re horrified to be right. But not afraid enough to keep it to ourselves.

“It’s a trifecta” that officers are facing, said Jim Pasco, executive director of the national Fraternal Order of Police. “There’s a hostile element within the community at large. There’s in many incidences a lack of support on the part of elected officials and police management. And there’s this ubiquitous social-media effort to discredit all police officers because of the extraordinarily rare misconduct by a very few.”

Look no further than some of the dripping cop-hating rhetoric in the comment section of our Arby’s post. The false narrative of white cops shooting black cops has spoon fed these racial SJWs the kind of malnutrition they desperately crave. This narrative has given these fecal-bags a vigilante complex, and a delusional “right” to institute their own perverted sense of “justice.”

By focusing on false narratives, by taking police actions out of context, by blowing out of proportion the number of police encounters with black Americans (while ignoring police relations with white Americans) we’re witnessing a new normal: the hunting down and execution of white cops simply for being white… and being cops.

Are some cops bad cops? Yes. Are some cops racist? Yes. Are some cops just jerks? Uh, yeah. Have you ever been given a speeding ticket after trying to flirt your way out of it? But guess what? Racists and jerks can be found in all professions, private or public. Look closely at Hillary Clinton. But not too closely. You just ate. Or a college campus.

Should all cops be painted with the broad brush of racism and hatred, and thus condemned to die, told they’re “pigs who should fry like bacon”? If you answered yes, you’re the problem. And you might be vegan.

So to all you race-baiting asshats out there making a career off of police hatred, how are you feeling about the new trend of police officers being executed? What’cha going to do when an armed or unarmed anybody comes charging into your house? Who you gonna call?

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