Decorated War Hero Proves Trump Right About Hillary And Obama On LIVE TV! He’s Fired Up!

Oliver North is a great American, a patriot, and we thank him for her dedicated and incredible sacrifices for this country. North speaks his mind and has the experience to back up what he says so when he talks, we listen.

Hannity is another that we love here at Yes I’m Right. He, like north, has massive amounts of integrity, speaks his mind, and pulls no punches when it comes to the truth. So when the two of them get together, boy you’d better believe we’re going to share that.

North went on Hannity to address and discuss Donald Trump’s comments about Obama and Hillary forming ISIS. Trump said that the comments were meant to be sarcastic. What he doesn’t realize is that it’s the truth and North is here to prove it.

We completely agree with North here. ISIS was formed because of US involvement in the forming of Al-Qaeda which then became ISIS. When will the lawmakers, law enforcers, and the rest of the government realize that Hillary and Obama are the ones responsible?

So you may be sitting here and saying, “What can I do? I feel helpless and my help won’t do any good.” False. You can get the word out there about this by sharing this information with everyone you know. And the best thing you can do? Vote Trump into office to make sure this Washington insider game of life and death with the rest of the world never happens again.

(Source: YouTube)

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