Dem Congressman Ignores Vet’s Phone Call, Soon Rep. Learns Horrifying Truth

A veteran concerned over the care he was receiving at a Wisconsin Veteran’s Affairs medical clinic tried desperately to warn his congressman about what was happening, but found his warning had fallen on deaf ears.

According to The Daily Caller, a Marine veteran named Jason Simcakowski knew that he was being overmedicated with a dangerous cocktail of drugs, and sought to inform law enforcement officials so that they could open an investigation. Part of that whistleblowing effort included a call to his congressman, Democrat Rep. Ron Kind, in November 2013.

But Kind essentially ignored the warning from Simcakowski and others, and the concerned veteran unfortunately died at the hospital in August 2014, his worries never addressed by Congress or law enforcement.

At issue was a man named Dr. David Houlihan, chief of staff of the Tomah VA clinic, who was alleged to have been doping the veterans under his care with excessively high doses of sedative drugs.

Though Rep. Kind never followed up on Simcakowski’s warning, a record of the veteran’s call was contained in the 5,000 pages of notes that accompanied a 300-page report issued by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, titled “The systemic failures and preventable tragedies at the Tomah VA Medical Center.”

That committee, chaired by Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, declared in its report that, “Jason Simcakoski attempted multiple times to engage local and federal law enforcement in examining drug diversion at the Tomah VAMC. For whatever reason, these law-enforcement officials apparently did not pursue the matter. The failure to do so represents yet another — and a very serious — missed opportunity to prevent the tragedies of the Tomah VAMC.”

Johnson has been one of the few members of Congress to prioritize an overhaul of the VA system, but he has been met with staunch resistance from both Democrat politicians and government employee unions.

Sadly, those union workers and their Democrat allies in Washington would rather protect the status quo that benefits the unions instead of making the long-overdue changes to the VA to protect veterans from bureaucratic abuse and the incompetence of uncaring workers.

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