Dem Congressman Won’t Hire Straight, White Males; Issues RIDICULOUS 15-Word Job Posting

Although job applications have long discriminated against straight, white, able bodied males, this job posting is particularly egregious.

The job posting came from Minnesota Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison’s office asking for applicants interested in an internship this fall to apply, however, clearly not all applicants will be given equal consideration.

Take a look at the language used in the posting on Ellison’s congressional website:

The Office of Congressman Keith Ellison is looking for enthusiastic interns for our Washington and Minneapolis offices. We seek interns who are curious, hardworking, and passionate about serving Minnesota’s 5th district.

While Congressman Ellison encourages all individuals to apply, applicants with strong ties to the Fifth District or Minnesota are preferred. People of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.’

This sure looks like discrimination and considering that Ellison is a government employee elected to represent the people, this is especially offensive. According to The Daily Caller, there is a cached version of the internship page from September that not only doesn’t use this discriminatory language, it said the following:

“We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.”

Clearly this policy changed over the last year because now they most certainly do discriminate.

The Daily Caller noted that the discriminatory language has since been removed and the page has gone back to claiming that they do not discriminate.

The Democrats are, once again, proven to be the party of hypocrisy. According to U.S. News and World Report, in July, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was criticized for a picture posted to Instagram of him with Congressional interns since many of those included in the picture are white.

Apparently just associating with white people is considered “racist” according to liberals. The outraged liberals didn’t get the memo that white people, according to the 2010 census, are 74.8 percent of the population, making their outrage over white interns being a majority in a picture numerically ridiculous (not to mention plain old ridiculous).

Encouraging anyone but straight, white, able bodied males to apply for a job is the very definition of discrimination as well as racism, sexism, hetero-phobia and able-ism.

Democrats only care about the protected groups that they can manipulate into voting for them and as the leaked Democrat National Committee emails proved definitively — the left is anything but tolerant.

So much for “white privilege.”

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